Our Endorsements

We are preparing a complete list of those who have honored this campaign with their endorsement. 

Among our valued supporters are:

  • Harris County Deputies Organization

  • Houston Police Officers Union

  • Pasadena Police Officers Association

  • La Porte Police Officers Association

  • Coalition of Police and Sheriffs

  • Ed Emmett, Harris County Judge

  • Jack Morman, Harris County Commissioner, Pct. 2

  • Bill Bailey, Harris County Constable, Pct. 8 (retired)

  • Brian Babin, US Congressman

  • Larry Taylor, Texas State Senator

  • Dennis Paul, Texas State Congressman

  • Johnny Isbell, Mayor of Pasadena

  • Jerry Mouton, Mayor of Deer Park

  • Louis Rigby, Mayor of La Porte

  • Glenn Royal, Mayor of Seabrook

  • Jon Keeney, Mayor of Taylor Lake Village

  • Marie Flickinger

  • Bay Area Republican Women

  • San Jacinto Republican Women

  • Houston Reality Business Coalition

  • The Houston Chronicle

  • The C Club of Houston

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