We'd love for you to join
Phil's Campaign.

Volunteers in a campaign have a unique and valuable opportunity to really get to know a candidate, to learn about the issues your community cares about, and meet and talk with your neighbors.

Volunteering is a way for families to work together, side by side. Parents can share their beliefs about service with their children in a positive way by their own example. Involving youth in experiencing "how things work" in a campaign is an invitation to lifelong learning about their community and how they can make a difference.

"I would like to thank the many volunteers who give of their time to help with my campaign.  From putting out signs, to greeting people at the polls, to knocking on doors and the countless other ways people help along the way, I could not do it without you."

Thank you again for your support. I look forward to serving the citizens of this precinct for years to come.
— Phil Sandlin

How you can help...

1. Block Walk
2. Phone Calls
3. Deliver yard signs
4. Data Entry
5. Host a meet & greet
6. Get busy on the internet
7. Collect & donate office supplies
8. Bring food
9. Work polling locations during early voting and on election day
10. Give money and raise money
11. Talk to people (while wearing a campaign t-shirt)
12. Choose your own "adventure." Have a special talent you want to share? Just let us know.


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